Hi Friends,

My name is Swapnaja Sharma. I am an Active Trader & Trainer, Passive Investor, Day & SwingTrading Specialist. This channel is all about the knowledge & experience which I have about the market for the last 10 years. I always think that practical experience is far better than theoretical knowledge so this channel will be all about how to trade specifically in the INDIAN STOCK MARKET & REAL LIVE TRADE. This channel is for all the serious traders who want to gain a different perspective on Trading & Money Management. So all I want to say that "Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience!" Thank you! Swapnaja Sharma


Bank Nifty 3-Minutes Breakout Intraday Trading Strategy

Future & Options (Long)
₹ 1800 /-
  • Learn Importance of Candle
  • Simple Way to use EMA
  • Support will start from 20th Nov to 3 Dec 2021

Intraday Option Writing webinar

Straddle & Strangle
₹ 3999 /-
  • Webinar on 7th August 2021
  • 3 weeks of Live Market Support
  • Support will start from 9th Aug to 26th Aug

Option Writing Webinar (Batch 2)

A Webinar on making "Passive Income"
₹ 1699 /-
  • Webinar Recording Available
  • Everything about Iron Condor
  • How to select stocks & Strike Rate

Intra/Positional Trading Strategy Batch-2

Using Fibonacci & Intraday Stock Option Buying Strategy
₹ 1122 /-
  • Proper Money Management 
  • Strategy Using Fibonacci
  • Exact Entry and Exit Position

Recording of webinar on BankNifty option buying

₹ 599 /-
  • Get the webinaar recording
  • View any time
  • Low Risk High Returns.

BankNifty Option Buying Webinar

₹ 599 /-
  • Get the webinaar recording
  • View any time
  • Low Risk High Returns.

Pro Trader YouTube

₹ 999 /-
  • Weekly analysis of 3 stocks
  • 3 stock on your radar for next week
  • This is for those who can not pay on YouTube.

Banknifty Expiry Special

₹ 1999 /-
  • How to form view on Banknifty
  • How to choose Strike Rate
  • How to do Pyramiding on Profiting Leg.

Educational Video Series for Traders

₹ 1179 /-
  • Form Market View with Logic
  • Spot Intraday Opportunity in the Live market
  • Intraday & Swing trading Strategy extensively.